We always have so many incredible things happening around here, and sometimes we don't get the opportunity to tell you all about them on the weekend.  That's why we started "What's Up Wednesdays." You can join us every Wednesday  as we give a brief, uncut overview of all that's happening at New City. 
Time Stamps:
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0:29 Dream Team Highlights
4:31 Kosovo Update
5:59 We have worship night coming this weekend!
7:23 This weekend is also a Family Weekend!
8:38 Learn about small group leader training
11:20 Learn about our upcoming Kosovo Fundraiser
14:10 Basecamp is coming up!
15:46 Learn about the upcoming Advance Conference! 


As a church, for 21 days, we are committing to pursue God through a focused time of prayer and fasting. It's likely that this will look different for everyone -- that's ok! Some may choose to fast eating for an extended period of time, while others may choose to eliminate certain types of food or even media and electronics. Along with praying and fasting, we'll be working through a daily devotional to bring unity in our pursuit of Him! Whatever you choose during these 21 days, the end goal is always the same - drawing near to Jesus and building unity together as a church.


Basecamp is a time set aside for middle school and high school students to pursue Jesus. Each year we take the opportunity to remove ourselves from our regular routine to pursue Jesus and challenge our spiritual walk. In all of this, we focus on fun, fellowship, and the word. We are doing something new this year. Instead of heading up Friday after school we are leaving Thursday after school and returning Saturday.

Dates: February 23rd - February 25th, 2023
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Grow Classes are a foundational set of classes covering several of the most important topics in the Christian faith. These classes are great for just about anyone and will help you grow intentionally and accurately, according to the Word of God.

There are 5 Grow Classes offered throughout the year. Classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 6:30PM-9:00PM and are about six weeks long. The cost is $50 for each class, which covers all necessary materials and refreshments for each time we gather. All classes are open to those ages 16+.

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