who we are



“…They’ll rebuild the old ruins, raise a NEW CITY out of the wreckage…”
- ISAIAH 61:4 -
Our reason for existing as a church family is to ‘raise a New City’ out of spiritual wreckage.
This simply means we are here to invite people along into God’s way of life.
The Bible calls this process ‘making disciples’ of Jesus.

At New City Church,
we believe a disciple – a follower – of Jesus will prioritize
so that’s what we aim for.



We approach our vision with four guiding values: Grace, Truth, Generosity, and Passion.

We care about connecting,  so this is a church of GRACE, that values who you are.

We are devoted to growing, so this is a church of TRUTH, that teaches you who you can become.

We are equipped for giving, so this is a church of GENEROSITY, that helps you see what you already have.

We are called to raise a New City, so this is a church of PASSION, that cares about those still living in wreckage. 


New City is a non-denominational, charismatic church. We own our property, train and release leaders from within, invest in global missions on a relational basis, and partner with outside ministry networks. 

We Don't Get Orders from Corporate

The Bible teaches that every church family is autonomous and can be governed with capable local leaders. New City is led by the lead pastor and a team of elders. The elder team takes responsibility to foster the spiritual health of the church, direct the course of our mission, and maximize the impact of all material assets. The staff operates within a set budget and leads teams of volunteers that make church life happen. 

Our Talent is Home Grown

Jesus commissioned His Church to make disciples, not hire them. We work hard to recognize and develop people within our church family to be launched into several facets of ministry. This happens through the Discover Track, involvement on the Dream Team, and our in-house Internship. New City Interns receive Biblical teaching, spiritual mentoring, and practical ministry training on a schedule that works for real life.

We Do Missions the Relational Way

New City is invested relationally, not merely financially, with intentional ministry on foreign soil. Rather than sending money to various places and waiting for newsletter updates, we are partnering to develop a thriving church in Kosova. Loved ones from our New City family have spent years in this Muslim nation, laying the groundwork for the Gospel to spread. New City sends a short-term mission team each year to accelerate progress and keep our hearts engaged in the process. 

Our Friends Make us Better

While we are locally led, we fully realize the need for maintaining relationship and accountability with others beyond Great Falls.  The Advance Network is an affiliation of churches within the Northwest United States. Ministers Fellowship International is a similar network that includes hundreds of churches worldwide. Annual camps, conferences, and leadership events allow us to build connections with others in these networks so we can help strengthen and shape one another. 


New City Church is a non-denominational, charismatic church that was founded as Great Falls Christian Center in 1981.  Sent as an outreach of North Kenai Chapel, the original ministry team consisted of Bob & Cindy Johnson and Leo & Donna Kruger (along with a pile of kids). Over the years, God's grace has allowed this humble church to include hundreds and impact thousands.
The passing years have brought laughter, tears, new friends, and many changes, but one thing has remained constant; We still rely on God to graciously supply our needs, including the strength to carry out the vision He has given us.

Our favorite memories include:
- planting churches in distant cities (1991, 2003)
 - adopting churches in need of partnership
- launching missionaries into a Muslim nation (1999, 2002)
- founding an internship to mentor the next generation (2005)
- serving our city in under-resourced neighborhoods
 - benefiting our public schools in practical ways
- forming a relational network of like-minded churches (2013)
- changing our church name to reflect our mission (2016)
- completing a healthy, intentional transition to a new lead pastor (2019)
- launching a New City campus in the muslim nation of Kosova (2022)