An integral part of New City Church in Great Falls, MT, New City Interns is an internship program devoted to raising up followers of Christ who go on to serve in and strengthen local churches. Based on a 3-part approach, the internship runs from September-May each year and costs $500. Enrollment is open to those going into their junior year of high school through 125 years old, and is based upon an application and interview process. 


At the core of our internship is strong biblical teaching. Interns will receive instruction on a variety of relevant topics. All of our classes take place one night a week for three hours at a time. This helps our interns establish a strong biblical foundation while also maintianing a normal work/life schedule. CURRENT COURSES:   Bible Basics, A Biblical Worldview, Evangelism, The Work of the Holy Spirit, The Destiny of the Church


We care about your destiny in Christ and so does our leadership team here at New City. Our mentorship model happens in the small group environment as well as one-on-one mentoring. Each intern is paired with a proven mentor, who they’ll gain wisdom, encouragement and perspective from throughout the internship year. We help facilitate authentic mentorship with seasoned leaders. Get ready!


As an intern, you'll be entrusted with real world responsibilities, coached in a variety of ministry disciplines, and given opportunities to lead on a weekly basis. You’ll leave feeling equipped in effective ministry strategies and ready to lead in a variety of arenas.

approachable schedule

If there’s anyone who understands hectic schedules, it’s us! We know it can be challenging to balance work, school, family, church life, and other personal responsibilities. That’s why our schedule is approachable for everyone! The majority of our classes, our intern small group and ministry assignments are offered on the weekends or in the evening. As an intern, you can expect to invest roughly 7-10 hours per week towards your commitment. 


Becoming a New City Intern may not be the next step in your walk with God. But what if it is? What if you're ready to learn? To be challenged? To be trained?
What if you're ready for a new chapter in your story? Maybe you are.